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Sprites Qualifications

Qualifications for Sprites Skaters

Sprites Qualifications (Aspire Preliminary)

  • Working on Basic 6 or Higher
  • **Skaters may NOT have passed any test higher than Preliminary throughout the 2023-24 competition season.


Skaters trying out for any position on the Sprites will be expected to skate with flow and confidence. They will be evaluated on how well and at what speed they can execute the following elements:

  • Proper Stroking (forward and backward)
  • Crossovers (forward and backward)
  • Edges (forward and backward, outside and inside)
  • Chasse’s (forward and backward)
  • Alternating Crossovers (forward and backward)
  • Snowplow Stops (forward and backward, right and left)
  • T-Stops (backward, right and left)
  • 3-Turns (forward outside and inside, right and left)
  • Mohawks (right and left)
  • Bunny Hops Spirals (forward, right and left)
  • Lunges (forward, right and left)
  • Some knowledge of basic spins and single jumps
  • Some knowledge of synchro holds, elements, and skills

It is strongly recommended that skaters take an Introduction to Synchro skills class to gain some experience in Synchro.